Abercrombie & Fitch

Distribution Center Opportunities

Our two distribution centers (DCs), totaling more than 2 million sq. ft. are the main hubs for A&F merchandise. From here we ship to stores and also fulfill customer on-line orders. With the DCs in our backyard, we are able to ensure that our customers only receive the highest quality garments. The success of our brands relies on employing motivated associates within all areas of the business. In Supply Chain, our hourly positions include merchandise processors, power equipment operators, material handlers and clericals. By joining the Abercrombie and Fitch team you will become part of a world class leader in retail, while utilizing your skills and talents in a fast paced environment.

If you are interested in our college Leadership Development Program for Supply Chain or Inventory Management, please check the "Students and Recent Graduates" page. If you are interested in other Supply Chain/Inventory Management positions, please check the "Experienced Candidates" page.